Castle Weddings for Your Happily Ever After

homburgplacesiCastle Weddings for Your Happily Ever After

Did you grow up imagining being a princess on your wedding? If you want to feel like royalty on your special day, getting married in an authentic castle is a good idea.

More often than not, castles have served as the backdrop of many a prince and princess’ love affairs, making it the perfect place to start your life’s happily ever after. With rich hues and decorative tapestries, castles don’t only make your wedding romantic and elegant, it also makes it whimsical and magical.

Because of the plentiful choices, the toughest decision to make is choosing the perfect location. To help you make a decision, here are a few castle venues to tie the knot.


Castle of Fontaine Française

In the middle ages, French castles were built and designed for war, not for pleasure. As time passed, these huge fortresses became popular among couples who were looking for a romantic and spectacular setting. With a superb choice of fine wines, delectable desserts, grand estates and chateaux, France can be the perfect place to say “I do.” Some castles, such as the Hattonchatel Chateau in the Lorraine, are available for overnight stays, events, and fine dining.

Ashford Castle

Renowned for its historic and beautiful castles, Ireland won’t go unmentioned when looking for the perfect wedding venue. With a number of majestic castles to suit all budgets and tastes – from 5-star hotels to exclusive and private homes – your fairytale dream can come true in Ireland. Some of the famous Irish castles include Ashford, Dromoland, Lismore, Cloghan, and Lisheen castle. Who knows, you might even get yourself a pot ‘o gold!


Warwick Castle

Every castle, stately home, ruin, tower, and abbey in England has its distinct character and charm, making them the great venues for your wedding or reception. While the Eastnor Castle in Malvern Hills has a magnificent view of the countryside, the Astor Wing, also known as the “Tudor Village,” offers privacy and peace in one of the most beautiful regions in England.


This country remains one of Europe’s less traveled destinations, which is surprising because of its stunning views, a fantastic mix of climate and historic venues everywhere. For stunning wedding photographs, you can choose between refined monasteries, windswept fortresses and stunning mansions for wedding venues. Getting hitched in Portugal also allows you to explore the country’s rich culture and heritage.


Walk down the aisle in a Scottish castle, lighthouse, or mansion for a romantic and unforgettable experience. The combination of Scotland’s most impressive venues and fairytale scenery will set the stage. Scotland can provide you with a wide range of choices to fit your needs – from 5-star hotel amenities to intimate accommodations. Enjoy the unspoiled countryside, lush valleys and historic cities while saying “I do.”

Have a memorable and grand castle wedding!

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