Perfect Honeymoon Spots

wmalogo_web_newPerfect Honeymoon Spots

Everybody likes something different so there is no single honeymoon idea that will appeal to everyone. However, within this article I will try and give a few options that will appeal to different types of person from those who like beach holidays to those who enjoy a more action packed or touristy experience.

The Maldives

The Maldives are paradise on earth, they are a collection of small islands in the Indian Ocean that get fantastic weather all year round, have clear blue waters around them and tropical tree’s and white sandy beaches as a backdrop. The ideal way to stay in The Maldives is in one of the huts in the middle of the sea, they are literally built on stilts above the water with wooden walkways connecting them together as well as the mainland. When you are in your hut in the middle of the sea you feel like you are stranded on a desert island with nobody around for hundreds of miles, it really is the ideal beach break.

Gold Coast, Australia

If you like a beach but you also want to do a few activities on your holiday then the Gold Coast will be the perfect honeymoon destination. See some of the best beaches in the world and get involved in surfing lessons or even scuba diving. You can get a quick introductory lesson in a swimming pool where you will be introduced to the breathing apparatus equipment and the buoyancy controls before moving to the sea for some expeditions lead by an experienced diver. The gold cost has some of the best diving hot spots in the world and will give you a honeymoon to remember.